About Us

Smoking Lily is located in beautiful Victoria, BC, a government town on the verge of being a city. Located on the western edge of Canada, Victoria is a pretty awesome place to live, create and work. We are surrounded by ocean, rocks, giant fir trees, creative people and politicians, all of which influence and inspire our designs. Our creations are sewn and silk-screened in-house by a handful of talented women who believe in making quality goods that they love to wear and hope you will too. We believe we can do this in our hometown, as opposed to contracting out overseas, and still make it affordable for our customers.


Smoking Lily currently has two retail locations. Our very first shop opened in 1996 on Johnson Street in Victoria. It was a pretty amazing shop. The store space was created in the front section of a lobby in a 120 year old heritage building, when the owners decide to put in an elevator. This left a beautiful arched window with a 4 by 11 ft space behind, which became our flagship shop. We sold our wares there for 20 years, then closed the shop in 2016.  In the meantime, we opened a second location on Main Street in Vancouver. This much bigger (now 450 sq.ft.) shop, opened in 2002 to the delight of our mainland fans. Then, in September 2010, we opened another Victoria location, our largest shop to date (1200 sq. ft.). The Milkman’s Daughter (an ode to the owner’s father, who was indeed a milkman) is located in a lovely heritage building that also houses a Buddhist Temple.

Smoking Lily tries to buy most of its supplies locally, then within BC, then Canada. But we’re not hard asses about it, after all its a big world we live in, with lots of beautiful goods. We use mostly bamboo, eucalyptus, dead stock (left over stock from larger companies) and vintage fabrics found on our travels. We use only nontoxic inks in our print room and work to be good stewards to the earth. Smoking Lily’s goal is to be a zero fabric waste company, to make use of every last piece of fabric we bring in. Our kid’s line is made entirely out of leftover bits from our other projects, as are many of our accessories.

We strive to make clothing that you will wear over and over again, that is earth friendly and affordable. The small scale workmanship of our products, our positive outlook and our desire to be comfortable yet stylish can be attributed to where we live. From concept to pattern drafting to sewing and printing we do it all in our studio in downtown Victoria, Canada. Viva Victoria.

Over the years we have heard many great stories from our customers. One of our favourites, was from a gal who went off to a new city to go to university. Feeling kind of blue one day, because she didn’t know anyone, a stranger approached her, recognizing the Smoking Lily Bike Bag she was wearing. The two quickly got caught up in a conversation and became good friends. So sweet.

At Smoking Lily we feel lucky to live where we live and privileged to do what we do. We like to push boundaries and reflect on the old.  Most of all though,