Meet Trish!

The sixth of 7 children, Trish always wanted to be a fashion designer and spent her early years watching her mom sew bridesmaid dresses for the neighbourhood gals. These formative bridezilla experiences made Trish never want to get married, and by 17 she had flown the coop and was off to see the world- first to Saskatchewan, and then to Amsterdam and all over Canada, finally settling in Victoria.

1996: young, determined, and a little short on rent, Trish whipped up some silk-screened silk scarves to sell at a local market. (Do you have one of these rare pieces?  Trish still wears hers.) They were a hit... and the rest is history!

Here are a few of her favourite things:

-Cathrineholm enamelware. "Though not an avid collector of anything, I gravitate more to nice groupings of things.  I have collected Cathrineholm and have a nice bunch that looks great on a shelf and makes me feel fulfilled."
-Moscow mules (but she's a light weight so usually sticks to white wine... Viognier, yum!)
-The staff used to joke at the studio that they were going to bury her with the Peony screen because she thinks it looks great on everything.
-Anything and everything British crime show: "I have an addiction to British crime shows placed in the country side and dream of going there one day."  Someday Trish will visit England to do the 102-mile Cotswold Way walking trail. Goals!
-Favourite musician... "The best concert I've ever been to was Marianne Faithful in a small club in the early nineties. I've seen the Flaming Lips 7 or 8 times, so much fun! Miles Davies was amazing, Eartha Kitt fantastic. I love listening to David Bowie, Alabama Shakes, Os Mutantes....these were on rotation this week, next week will bring new favourites."

Trish hates and fears silverfish, the though of being buried alive, and creepy snakes:  "I think they are beautiful and quite remarkable little creatures but they can just Fuck Off and stay away from me.

Hey Trish, what's your most marked characteristic? (Now we're getting all Proust Questionnaire-y) "Physically? it must be my lovely nose. Personality? it would be my sarcasm probably. You can take the girl out of Southern Ontario but her bad sense of humour will follower wherever she goes."

A few Trish recommendations:

To read: Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy
"It's so good, I highly recommend it.  It's set in the near future, when the seas have been over-fished and the birds are nearly extinct. It's a cautionary tale about climate change with a cast of interesting characters. Great story telling."

To podcast: "I listen to podcasts a lot. Right now on heavy rotation is  Stuff You Should Know and Ologies to fill my brain with interesting bits of knowledge. That's Messed Up: An SVU Podcast for a healthy amount of trash.  I love 4 or 6 part series on investigative journalism. I love plant podcasts and On the Ledge with Jane Perrone is one of my favourites. And the for my pop I love The Q Interview with Tom Power, he really is one on the best interviewers."

To binge-watch: "Midsomer Murders - the best! Vera - runner up."


Trish wears the Tilda Jumpsuit and the Reunion Dress. She is the queen of weird poses and keeps Lucy on the verge of a meltdown every time they do a photoshoot.
Love ya, Trish! -Lucy