New Year, New Comitments to the Environment

As most of us do in early January, we started off 2023 by making a list of things we could *do better* this year. One of our resolutions is to further our commitment to the environment and the future of our planet by decreasing our carbon footprint. Here's how we're doing it:

  • We're most excited to announce that all of our shipping is now carbon-neutral! For every shipped order we pay innovative companies (through a vetted third-party) to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and store it. Each order's unique carbon footprint, based on shipping distance, package weight, and mode of transportation is accounted for.
    As an aside, all of our packaging is recyclable. We will no longer be using tape, and the sticker enclosure is recyclable. If you want us to use even less packaging (no tissue or thank you card, for example), leave us a note at the checkout. You can recycle our paper hang-tags (the string is 100% cotton and can be composted or re-used), and many people use the safety pins as knitting markers, or you can bring them back to us and we will reuse them.
  • We are updating our studio appliances to more energy efficient models.
  • Using more deadstock fabric is a priority for us this year (both from suppliers and our own collection). Deadstock refers to end-of or unused rolls of fabric that are left over from manufacturer's production runs, and we also have our own collections of deadstock notions that we will be working through. These supplies are diverted from the landfill and are usually limited in supply. When we use a deadstock fabric you'll see a note in the item description after the fabric content of the item. Expect some small but very fun runs this year!

We will continue on our zero-fabric-waste mission and will undoubtedly find some fun ways to use up our scrap in the coming year. You can read more about the ways we use up our offcuts HERE, and see all items that we make from our scraps and deadstock HERE.