Zero Waste Update: Cut From the Same Cloth

Hello friends! I thought today I would take you on a photo journey of how our fabric gets used to its very fullest. We've talked to you plenty about how we've been working towards zero waste, and we're finally there! Between the hassacs, the kid's clothes, and some other treasures, we've been using all of our fabric.

I'm going to walk you through how the bolt planned for the Date Dress (which, yes, this was just photographed, there are more Red Dates Dresses on their way) gets used beyond its original purpose. First, let's remind you of the garment.

Now, the nature of cutting clothing is that even if you're being very careful to use as much as you can, there will still be little strips of scrap fabric between the panels. Below is a photo of Katie-May, one of our seamstresses, cutting the outlined Date Dresses. 

Anything that is too small or the wrong shape to be used for a facing or pocket is thrown into our scrap bin, for later use. Erin, our seamstress that specializes in reducing fabric waste, is a genius at turning our smaller pieces into something new. From this stage, she pulls the pieces that we think will work for the next project.

Next, the scraps get further whittled down into the pattern of a garment. Here's the beginning of brand new kid's item, the Little Woven Skirt. Erin has assembled the from bits of linen that are left from all those Date Dresses, Sakamoto Skirts and Saturday Tunics that we've been making.

And finally, those pieces are given a new life. Below is the first-ever Little Woven Skirt, whose production allows us to use up all of the bits that are too lovely to use as stuffing or patches. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it makes us think on our toes about new projects.

Wouldn't this skirt look sweet when worn beside the adult-sized garment? These skirts will hit our stores soon, so keep an eye out.

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