Zero Waste: Savage Yarn

Savage Yarn

In Smoking Lily's bid to go zero waste one of our problems we are always trying to solve is: What to do with the left over fabric bits.  

We do end up with a lot of long skinny strips and salvages, left after a cutting a production run. We set all our bamboo cotton jersey strips aside for six months.  Looking at the pile we accumulated we decided that yarn would be perfect.  

Smoking Lily is not a yarn company, so we choose not to overly work it, but to keep it as close to its natural caste off state.  We cut awkward  bits off and did a simple snip and loop attachment to make long strips.  Sounds easy, but it does take a bit longer then you think.  Then Erin hand wound the strips into a ball, weighed and tagged them.  

We are doing a pilot project right now at our Government Street shop with the Savage Yarn. We have one pattern for a blanket and are trying out a few more ideas. Our introductory price is $1 per 100 grams. 

Let us know what you think and if you have any ideas we can try out.





  • Sam

    Thank you for doing this work.

  • Jackie Blackmore

    Love this! Great ideas Lilies! Hope there is some left when I am next in Victoria. Or would you consider selling some from your Vancouver Store??

  • Verna

    That’s an awesome idea! I would love to use that for some designs!

  • Susan Robinson

    This is so awesome! I’m looking forward to trying some out (hoping to get into the shop tomorrow). My plan is to try making a crocheted circle rug. I’ve been meaning to cut up some old t-shirts that are stockpiled in the closet for awhile. It might be time to get out my scissors and make my own Smoking Lily t-shirt yarn.

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