Yup, It's Been Quite the Week

I was one of the bed ridden employees. Sorry Trish! Sorry Erin! Sorry blog followers! Sorry website! My flu was the raging-morphing-alien-head-cold-with-fevers-cough-and-headaches kind (missed the studio stomach flu fortunately!). I was immobilized for almost a week...and then...eye trauma! Ridiculous. I'm back at work today, looking like this... Hahaha... The kicker is that I'm waiting for a new pair of glasses to be ready. I haven't had a backup pair of glasses for years and now that I am unable to wear contacts for three weeks I desparately need a pair. So desperately, that I had to pick out a pair of frames blind, while my boyfriend tried to decide which were the least unattractive (he's never seen me in glasses!). They are supposed to be ready later today. Yup, it's been quite the couple of weeks. Oh, I've got to go, that's the alarm to remind me to take my eye drops every two hours. Be seeing you soon, through some awesome coke bottle glasses! glenda.

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