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Hi world!
Lovely to meet you again. My name is Zoe and I’ll be writing the blog this summer.  I have big shoes to fill now that Glenda is gone, but I'm up for the challenge.
You might have seen me around before, either in the Milkman’s Daughter on the weekends, on our Instagram, or reading poetry around Victoria. I just got hired on in the studio! I’ll be writing the blog, answering the phone and helping out in the mail order department.

I’ve worked part time at Smoking Lily for three years now, and I am still so humbled and constantly surprised by what I learn here. Yesterday I saw a pair of pants made before my eyes. Even though I have always known our process and the seamstress that make the clothing, there was something amazing about seeing it done. It really hit home for me how lucky we are to get to make clothing right here.
I am constantly thrilled at the simple magic of handmade things, the dignity of how our garments age (they grow wiser, not rattier), the sense of fun and innovation in our style, and the love that's in our company for the employees and all of you. It's you! You, dear reader, are one of the big reasons why I love my job. I absolutely look forward to my summer of writing for and about you.
All my love and excitement,
p.s. send me questions about how certain dresses handle a good bike to work - I dare you.










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