Yay! or Nay?

Sometimes creativity strikes and you have to go with it.

I was sitting at my desk doing paperwork the other day, when I suddenly had the urge to paint a frame around a set of vintage mirrors in the shop. I ran out to the front and started penciling in a baroque frame. At first I thought I would just draw an outline and fill it in solidly (my original vision was black). But my pencil kept swirling, and with the sun streaming through the front window I was easily impressed by a customer's comment that it would look beautiful in turquoise (thank you Sarah!). Yes, turquoise I agreed! Moments later a multitude of bright blue brush strokes were gracing the wall. The simple solid frame had become a cartoonesque, fluid, abstraction.

I stood back and took the first long breath in an hour and began to wonder... Is our wall going to stay adorned thus for a while, or will a quick coat of white paint make my creative vision a fleeting memory at Lily? I haven't decided yet.

What do you think?

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