Wrist Warmers

Our recent resurgence of wonderfully warm days here on the west coast has finally dwindled. The cooler, grey days of fall are upon us. Fortunately, we are prepared for them with our lightweight wrist warmers.

Wrist Warmers - Grey with Obi Flower

I almost always have a pair of these in my purse. They are perfect for cutting down the cold factor and upping the smile factor (great on a damp day!). So many great prints and print combinations!

Wrist Warmers - Black with Raindrops, Sea Urchins, Barnacles

They are thin enough to fit under fitted jacket sleeves, perfect for chilly offices, and they make good gifts. Smoking Lily Wrist Warmers, one size, cotton/bamboo/lycra, $22. Nice to have gloves you can wash regularly! glenda.

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