Weekend Top

The Weekend top is a great winter to spring transition piece. It's a cute sweatshirt. Great now layered and paired with wrist warmers. Later, when things have thawed, it will be the perfect sweatshirt to wear skirts or shorts (as shown with the Petite Anglaise skirt and cute socks below).

The inset epaulettes are made from vintage silk kimonos. Trish and I were in Japan a little over a year ago and kept our eyes peeled for kimonos. While in Tokyo we found a few at a flea market at the Oi Racetrack, and a few more at a pop up shop in a galleria in Asakusa. In Kyoto we happened across a kimono shop near our capsule hotel, and were rewarded after a long walk/search with a few more at vintage kimono reseller in Higashiyama. These epaulettes are one of the ways we sharing these finds with you this season.

While in Kyoto we also happened across a new kimono shop that was amazing. We were winding our way down the steps from the Kyumizu-dera temple after sunset. Most of the myriad of tiny shops were shuttered for the night. It was quiet and calm compared to the crowds commonly there during the day. One beautiful shop, Otsuka Gofukuten, was still lit and had the most impressive, modern kimonos on display, baring bold colours and big prints. They kindly let us peruse the shop, soaking in their unique blend of traditional and modern design.

image courtesy Kyoto City Travel Guide

Weekend Top, small through xlarge, everglade (teal) and black, $98. Available in shops and online.

Now I'm dreaming of Kyoto...


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