Weekend Project: Egg Dying

Look what I got up to lastweekend.I saw a post promising about a gazillion waysto decorate Easter eggs. The picture was so pretty I had to investigate further. My favourite projectwas the ombre dyed eggs. You can see the post here. It reminded me of all the Indigo dying we've been playing with inthe Smoking Lily Studio.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 4.12.18 PM  

I followed the directions (which truth be told is hard for me, I like to wing it). I ran out to the corner store and bought a dozen eggs which I threw into a pot and hardboiled.I scoured my cupboards for some glass jars. (I wanted to be able to see what was happening.) I added the vinegar, boiling water and drops of food colouring. Than I set a timer and watched.


The timer went off, and I pulled out the first egg. My satisfaction grew with each new colour. It had actually worked! I love the finished project.


Have fun and try something new.

Happy Easter, Suzanne

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