Victoria Update: Mail Orders, Spring, Etc

Wow, where has the time gone? I officially started my Christmas shopping yesterday, and I need a few days to recover. There are eleven and a half more shopping days at Smoking Lily, but Rachael and Renee wanted me to let you know that the Mail Order Cut Off Date is here and now. That said, if the goods are on the shelf we can still ship them out to you, but we can't guarantee that it will get to its destination on time (we will put our effort in, but if it doesn't get there on time you can't get mad at us).

Today Stephanie and I have started talking about the Spring Line. I'm into colourful girly and Steph is into bold boarder prints. We have a few fun ideas, but we always like to hear your opinions, so let us know if there is anything you maybe wanting, any prints you would like to see, any colours you are lusting after...

Lastly, a new product! Glenda is super busy so it was left to me to take a product shot of our new UnderLovelies. Here it is. They come in two sizes and are made in cotton lycra blend. No elastic = no panty lines! Plum, black and teal.

Have a good week every one.

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