Vancouver Update: UPCYCLED Brooches

Back in March, Erin and I commented on a customer's cute fabric floral brooch. I asked her where she got it and she replied that she had made it - cool. Upon further inquiry, it turned out that she had just made a few for herself and friends. When I express interest in carrying them in Smoking Lily, she was surprised, but interested.

Turns out Stephanie is a really motivated gal. Within a week she brought in a nice array of brooches to choose from. They sold really well. I'm sure you can see why. She creates her lovely accessories using only second-hand leather, fabric and buttons. They have a lot of personality.

Now the story turns into a Thomas The Tank Engine feel good drama. When dropping off the latest shipment today (the fourth shipment since April), she told us that she quit her day job to pursue a home-based business. So exciting for her! And so inspiring for all of us who have thought "I wonder if I could work for myself selling what I make, rather than working for someone else?" Guess what? You can! There's some Smoking Lily spirit in there, for sure!

All UPCYCLED (her new business name) brooches are just $20 each. We have a nice variety available in the Main Street (Vancouver) and Johnson Street (Victoria) shops, including lovely red poppies. We're hoping she gets carried in shops across Canada. Go Stephanie!

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