Vancouver Update: The Flaming Lips at Malkin Bowl

Guess what Trish and I and some friends did last night! We partied with The Flaming Lips!

Photos: The Flaming Lips at Malkin Bowl

Here's a video filmed from our vantage point last night. Wayne's wearing a strobe light, so the usual warning regarding strobe lights should be headed, and you should also beware of the uncontrollable joy that will ensue. My cheeks still hurt from the ear to ear grinning I did all night.

We danced and laughed and sang and sang and sang and...... After all that uplifting spiritual connecting with our friends, and the band, and the universe in general, it's amazing that we were still able to get up and brave a big day of fabric shopping today. We found gorgeous silk dupionis for tea cozies, vivid oversized prints for little girls dresses, pink plaid wool with deers for skirts, as well as amazing new tooled leather for wallets. The last 2 days rocked!!

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