Vancouver Update: Squeaky Clean

Hand washing can be such a time-consuming chore--ugh!--but some things really do need the extra gentle treatment (and pretty much everything will look brand new forever if it's never in a machine). For the last two years I've been using a Canadian product called Eucalanto wash pretty much all my clothing (our washing machine is a nasty old beast that looooves to eat things) and have been highly impressed. I've had great success with cotton, wool, cashmere, lingerie, silk, rayon, tencel, modal...pretty much anything you can think of. The thing that makes Eucalan so amazing, however, is that you don'thave to rinse the soap out! That's right, just let 'em soak, give 'em a squeeze, then hang 'em to dry. It honestly cuts down on the washing time by about 50%. I LOVE this stuff! Here in Vancouver, it's sold at a number of places--Maiwa Handprints on Granville Island and Black Goat Cashmere come to mind--but I usually pick mine up across the street from Linh at The Soap Dispensary(Linh's lovely right-hand gal, Spring, ever so nicely posed with a bottle for me this morning in the photo above). Linh sells the 500mL Eucalan bottles for $13, but the best part is that you can bring your bottle back in and get refills for $9. Faster hand washing, cutting down on plastic consumption, andgetting a deal? I consider this my personal trifecta of awesome! (I am a little weird like that, though;p) Happy washing, everybody! Erin      

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