Vancouver Update: Second-handing

Recently, I went out looking for inspiration and props for the next Vancouver window display. I did find some great pieces but what I really want to share with you now are some of the kooky things I came across.

I wish I had taken photos of the first burl clock I saw because by the time I got to the third one (in three different shops) I realized what a good triptych it could have made. Same with the weird Greek statuary (mini Parthenon fountain, column ruins table base....). So, in order of appearance (how else could I rate these gems?): The Foot Flush! "Changing the world one step at a time" is the slogan!  

The Justus fishing tackle box. Not particularly weird, I just loved the name! Plus it's a fabulous green that I was attracted to all day. Aaaack, I just realized that the name could read "Just Us" (I kept thinking justice) - drat- would have been a good Valentine's Day wrapping box! Oh well.  

The uhm...ah...what is this anyway? No really, I couldn't figure it out. Does anyone know what this is? It's about 3 inches long, the red is plastic and there's a row of really sharp little needles that press down into an indent in the bottom panel. Hmmm...  

Here it is, for scale, on the Port-O-Rator. Best cooler I've ever seen, but at $40 I didn't buy it. I may be regretting that.  

The wee spider that was perfectly highlighted on the royal blue recliner.  

The Captivation Shirt and Tie set. The original price from the Army&Navy store was peeled off but it's only $5 now. Who bought shirts like this? Seems like it would be good for a criminal looking for a quick disguise. Who wants to figure out which tie goes with which shirt went the fuzz are hot on your tail? But the name, Captivation? Perhaps it was for the grease monkeys heading out for a night on the town in 1965 -- "Don't worry Joe, the chicks'll be captivated by you in this get up. Now get out of those coveralls and into the shower". Love the cheetah!  

No, I didn't buy any of these gems. But I couldn't resist sharing them with you. It's nice that in a day of visual over-stimulation, sifting through tons of rubbish, inundated with bizarre conversations from other second-handers, staving off low blood sugar with quick car snacks, in the hopes of finding some good quality props for y'all, good belly laughs are never far away. I love second-handing! The pieces I did buy will be coming to a shop window display soon. Well...not really soon, as the leather raindrops currently in the window are super gorgeous (thanks Korinne!), but when I do change the window I'll post the fruits of my labour on the blog for you.

Happy Tuesdaying,


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