Vancouver Update: Scissors!

The Fall window display is up in the shop - finally. Trish asked if scissors would be a Fall theme. I said that it would be a-seasonal. She said "omni-seasonal?" We giggled... I had the feeling that this time the window display would be a cinch. Pick up a pile of scissors and suspend them from twine. Simple right? It would have been, if scissors weren't the most scarce resource at second hand stores! As with most of my displays, I wanted to repurpose as many supplies as possible. Since I recalled seeing piles of scissors on my past visits to thrift shops I figured this was going to be fast and painless. Problem was, Murphy's Law prevailed. So when I popped into a few shops to seek scissors there were next to none to be found. I searched most of the Lower Mainland! Fortunately a couple of stores had a cache and I scraped together enough to scatter about the shop. If you are looking for scissors anywhere around Vancouver I would suggest buying new ones or waiting awhile, the second hand stores are fresh out. We will be selling off our fun collection, piecemeal, at the end of November.           Happy Tuesdaying! glenda.

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