Vancouver Update: Rain Rain Rain

When I arrived at the shop this morning, Glenda was already hard at work, teetering on a stool (in a mini-skirt, naturally). That's right, the new year has arrived here at the shop in Vancouver and this means a new window display--yay! Given the absolutely amazing amount of rain we've gotten so far today (ugh), how appropriate that our new window features rain clouds?! We are just so timely... Thank you to Korinne and all the Victoria gals for cutting out and sewing hundreds of the cutest "raindrops" from leather scraps (yes, we actually stole this display from The Milkman's Daughter, but "waste not, want not," right?). And despite the weather outside being so dark and gloomy as to have made getting decent photos almost impossible (sorry, guys!), I'd say the effect inside is decidedly less dour. Come visit and see for yourselves! Cheers, Erin

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