Vancouver Update: paint-by-numbers

Victoria artist Bill Blair most generously lent The Milkman's Daughter and the Main Street shop a few of his gigantic paint-by-number canvases (the wee shop on Johnson St. couldn't fit one - 44 square feet means lots of ingenuity with small pieces)!

We are so happy to be able to be displaying these massive pieces of nostalgia. Here's a shot of one of them in the front of the Main St. shop. I'm trying to figure out where to display the other one...

The dress rack in front of the canvas holds the Zed, Squirrel Hunter, Garden State and Frontenac dresses and the Pippa coats. Soon to be filled with new colours and prints - we'll keep you posted on that!

The photo below shows a small paint-by-numbers piece we have been displaying at the cash desk through Spring and Summer (and a glimpse of the new Shuriken top/sweater/vest). The new Fall colour will be brushed on the walls soon!

Click here to see fun photos of Bill's paint-by-numbers canvases as awesome backdrops at Bumbershoot this summer.

Happy Tuesdaying,


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