Vancouver Update: Nooworks Dresses

Nooworks is a San Francisco based design company that makes fabulous dresses and other goods. Each season they collaborate with artists to come up with interesting prints to adorned their fabrics. The whole process, design and manufacturing, takes place in California. The prints are kooky, the fabrics feel great (stretch cotton!) and the designs are cute - nice trifecta! Here are the first few dresses we have received from them. The Marsha - Red with Houses $108: The Lovely Leah - Purple with Cats $116: The Western Wonder - Red with Houses $116: The Western Wonder - Purple with Cats $116:

All pictures courtesy of Nooworks, photographed by Liz Caruana

The Main Street shop in Vancouver and The Milkman's Daughter in Victoria have both received small runs of these dresses. So glad to be carrying such a fun clothing line! glenda.

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