Vancouver Update: New Stuff!

Exciting news, Vancouver: we have the Garden State dress in stock! And yes, I can honestly say they were worth the wait. (Apparently I'm not the only one who thought this, as we sold out of the dark, charcoal grey/black colour pretty quickly when they came in on Friday.) At the moment we have all sizes (sm, med, lg) available in the lovely, warm, taupe-y grey pictured above, but we should have more of the charcoal/black and--yeee!--some garnet hues in by the end of the week. The fabric is a fantastic blend of cotton, hemp and lycra that has a bit of give, good drape, and a wonderful, slightly nubbly texture that we are pleased as punch about. I have a feeling they are going to go fast on Friday, so feel free to give us a call if you'd like us to put one aside for you....

Also fantastic are these totally wacky, totally awesome skirts that arrived today ($92). Made from some pink plaid wool that Glenda and Trish discovered a few weeks ago, these skirts have a slight flair to them and hit right at the knee--so cute! So, if you need a playfully pink winter skirt covered with prancing deer--seriously, where do those two find this stuff??--we've got you covered.

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