Vancouver Update: New Arrivals

The Sakamoto skirt,$72. Shown here with the Marta top and a Silk Obi that we used showing the reverse side. The Sakamoto is made from a cotton/linen blend fabric that will soften beautifully overtime. The fresh Granny Smith apple green looks really nice all-over printed with dark blue ink. The Canoes, Cherry Blossoms, Bikes and Bees is a fun print combo--thanks Liz!   The skirt has a nice invisible zipper that can be worn on either side or to the back, so you can choose where the prints lay.   The Vintage dress, $210, now comes in fuschia!   With our new Scissors print--nice one Rose!   The latest colour of Emma dressesto arrive is navy. This round is printed with Wallpaper and Swerns. The latest print run of the black Emma dress is a random combination of the Doily and Queen Anne's Lace - pretty!   All in all a fun assortment of new items. Oh my, the delivery guy just dropped off a bin with new Emma tops! They are crisp white jersey and will be the perfect complement to the Sakamoto skirts and our Trapeze skirt. I'll get photos of those to you soon. glenda

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