Vancouver Update: Neighbour Party!

Here at the Vancouver shop, we consider ourselves so lucky to be surrounded by such lovely neighbours. Not that we're picking favourites (!), but we particularly love chatting with the ladies next door at Umeboshi Shoes, and wanted to let any interested Mainland Lily-ites know that Steph and her gals are throwing a bit of a party this coming Thursday; Molly, who's worked at Umeboshi for years, is officially launching her beautifully understated new line of bags and belts! Going by the very urbane handle of The Stowe, Molly's pieces are already on display and available in the shop, but if you pop by Thursday night there will be bubbly! (Um, can you tell where I'll be on the 24th? I am a simple creature...) Congratulations, Molly! Cheers, Erin

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