Vancouver Update: Moroccan Blue Wall

For the change in season I've repainted the blue wall in the Vancouver shop. It was a fresh bright light blue for Spring/Summer and is now a deep teal for Fall/Winter. A funny thing is that when Trish and I picked the colour months ago we just agreed that it was a beautiful blue. Now we realize that we chose a blue that has been a staple blue in Smoking Lily for some time - Moroccan Blue! We've loved it for Ship Disturbers, Mt. Pleasant Tops, Hama Hama Tops, Cotton Print Scarves, Underlovelies...the list goes on. It's a great colour! Here is a Moroccan Blue Mt. Pleasant Top from this fall's collection - with Fargo Trees and Lucy Leaves.   Here is the new blue wall!   This shot shows the new Wool Leggings in grey, green and red hanging against the blue wall. On the mannequin, the new Shuriken Tunic in winter white is shown with a La Petite Anglaise Skirt.   I found the small (well, small compared to Bill's giant canvases)paint-by-numbers pair in a second-hand store a while back, they finally found their perfect spot behind the cash desk. As I look at this photo I realize that the Lucy Leaf next to the Bear on the Linen Pillow is in dark teal ink - we really do love this colour! Happy Tuesdaying, glenda

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