Vancouver Update: Holiday Decorations

I thought I had figured out the Main Street holiday decorations way back in August. I patted myself on the back for being so far ahead of the game. In October, I made a sample to figure out timing and durability, etc. Good thing I did, because the sample proved that the decorations would not work for the shop! Back to the drawing board... But my drawing board kept filling up with misfires. A number of new attempts were made but they were all found wanting (including one ornament that was cute but had an element that was too reminiscent of a tampon - oh dear!). Trish to the rescue! She suggested doing a school theme. Since the shop is decked out with maps and flip charts and blackboards, adding school room decorations was a great idea. Paper chains and articulated ruler stars.   Star surrounding Lily HQ, in Victoria. A vintage light. Silver paper chains. An art class project decorates the center of the school room. And flowers for the teacher! Happy Holidays from Erin, Margaret, Christina and glenda!

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