Vancouver Update: Getting local with Marché St. George

A few weeks ago, Aiko wrote a great little post about some of the many benefits of buying "local," and in that vein, I thought I'd post some quickie snaps I took during a recent visit to the Marché St. George. Opened in a former corner store at the intersection of 28th and St. George here in East Van, the Marché strikes me as being a truly "neighbourhood" kind of place, with all sorts of delightful products and edibles largely--but not slavishly!--with a very 100 mile-ish bent.

Some locally made soaps I felt compelled to take home and test out (verdict: awesome!).

A cold case full of treats from near and far, including free-range eggs from Abbotsford.

The exceedingly friendly barista, Natasha.

Sourcing of the products aside, Marché St. George has such a great neighbourhood vibe that it's easy to see why they are becoming such a popular meeting place....Not to pick on chain stores/cafés, but the quirky, homey nature of Marché--run, as it is, by a young couple+extended family team--isn't exactly the kind of thing that generally comes out of corporate headquarters!

For more information, Andrew Morrison of Scout Magazine has written a review in this week's West Ender; be warned, however: his enthusiasm is catchy!

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