Vancouver Update: Fun Furniture Bits and Bobs

Last week the lovely Miss Janice dropped a wagon-load of awesome new furniture pieces from Victoria off on us here in Vancouver. I thought I'd share some quick snaps featuring some of the new pieces: Fun new chair upholstered with pirate-y,varathaned canvas. The parties I throw these days aren't really thekind that require water-proof seating,but maybe yoursare--this could be the chair you've been waiting for! Plus, it's hot pink.   This chair is not only a nice,cheery light blue,but has a giant horse's head (!!) screened on the seat. I think this piece speaks for itself ;p Also on view in this shot,we now have the large wool and suede tote bags available in the shop.  

Cute bentwood stool with our classic "plate" print screened on the top in a deep, autumnal green.

  Not furniture per se,but the linen bear pillow is so seasonal and handsome,I thought he needed a little blog love...   ...and last but not least,while this bad boy is aslo definitely not furniture,it *is* probably the awesomest cape of all time because it is covered with one of my absolute favourite silk screens: medical utensils! So spooky yet so beautiful--just like we like it.   Cheers, Erin

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