Vancouver Update: Fall Display

While we do have a lot of fun changing up the window and garment displays each season, I will admit that some cursing does ensue. Coming up with new ideas for displays is always interesting, but executing the ideas can cause a few moments with emphatic outbursts. Erin giggles with me as I stand on a stool in heels and a dress, uttering the odd profanity, wrestling with some odd assortment of objects that I am willing to look intriguing. It's always a exciting challenge. For this fall, as I've mentioned before, Trish and I have been collecting old hand saws for months. I've begun hanging them in the window and adding some other accoutrements to give the Vancouver shop a warm fall feeling. Here are a few photos of the bits and pieces we've collected and have now displayed.   Fall 2012, we welcome you! glenda.

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