Vancouver Update: Display Boxes

Is it a bad idea to be blogging about display pieces that are not available for sale? I did think about that, but Trish made some pretty spectacular boxes and just sent us a few more with open backs. They look great against the painted wallpaper in the shop. I'll show you photos of the boxes, but I'll talk about the lovely products in them, so that you are distracted from the beauty of the boxes and the sorrow of not being able to take one home. Ok? Below you can see our awesome leather items, the Davie Bag, $72, and our Neap wallet, $39, which also makes a perfect sunglasses case. Next, we have our Jeeves Wallet, $34, and Chuck Wallet, $46. These linen bags are great cosmetic stash bags, travel whatnot sacs, and actual wallets. Ah Tea Towels! Excellent for gifts, or for wrapping other gifts, $12. Peeking out of the Cabbage and Chair printed box is a grass green silk Tea Cozy with Chairs, $49. Thanks for the display cases Trish, they add a nice layer of print and display to the shop! glenda.

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