Vancouver Update: Backyard Garden Tour

I know I have documented my love for the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood in these (virtual) pages before, but today I want to share some more 'hood-related info that might also be of interest to denizens of other parts of the city. If you're free this coming Saturday (June 23rd) you may want to check out the 2011 Summer of Sustainability Garden Tour, a self-guided jaunt through the neighbourhood to specific residential gardens that focus on various aspects of sustainability. Not only is the tour geared towards good things like xeriscaping, beekeeping, veggie gardening, and backyard chickens, but there are interesting workshops, snacks, seeds for winter gardening, the voyeuristic pleasure of snooping around in other people's yards, and it's free! Awesome!

Sadly, it's the same day as the Slow Food Vancouver cycle tour of farms in Agassiz, for which I bought tickets ages ago. Since I won't be around to check out the Backyard Garden Tour myself, I expect a full report from someone next week!

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