Vancouver Update: A Day at the Fair

I've always felt that summer isn't really official in East Van without the annual trip to the PNE, so on Sunday the whole family and I headed on down--not a particularly onerous trip, seeing as I live about three blocks away! Despite the $20 gate price (ouch!), I'd be lying if I didn't admit to loving every minute of it. The crowds, the over-priced junk food, the shammy salesmen, elderly Asian grannies risking life and limb whilst flagging down minivans for all smacks of warmly remembered, high-caloric childhood moments for me (I also grew up about six blocks from the fairgrounds).

The Superdogs and prize home were awesome, as usual, and I also made it out of the Marketplace with only a fancy-dancy pet brush, an umbrella, and a super high-tech straightening iron (thanks, Mom!). However, as is the case most years, food was definitely the highlight. Corn dogs? Check! Mini doughnuts? Awesome! Fresh lemonade and homemade root beer? You bet! I may or may not also admit to funnel cake, kettle corn, baked potatoes, and perogies. One thing we were amazed at but didn't try was--yes!--deep fried butter. Wow. Really? Hmmm....There's always next year, right?

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