Vancouver Shop Update: Apple Crate Shelves

Fresh from the Okanagan fruit region of B.C., these perfectly rustic apple crates are now being used for sublime shop storage. Here are a few photos showing the progress of the shelf construction. The largest portion of time was spent planning out the configuration. I wanted to go more random, but random is most definitely not one of my strong suits. Our handy Christopher secured the crates to each other and to the wall in a much more reasonable timeframe. In the end, we were really happy with the look and the functionality. Three cheers for rusty, weathered, repurposed wood boxes! It struck me as quite funny that many of the crates had "G.W." hand written on them. I'm not sure what it stands for in the apple crate realm (perhaps the farm?) but G.W. are my first initials, Glenda Wray. Another jumble of crates is on its way to Victoria for display shelving at The Milkman's Daughter. Hope those of you on the West Coast were able to get out into the sun yesterday. It was gorgeous!  

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