Vacation Station

Hey guys! Liz here, back from vacation and trying to figure out how to narrate a month of life on the road. Words that come to mind are coffee, coffee, more coffee, sunglasses, roadside treasures, friendly locals, engine humming, sitting on still lakes, beers with buds, ups and downs, hills and valleys, bill bryson on tape, dust, flora, fauna, big sky, red fox, incredible mountains, dirt under fingernails, dirt on everything (really), campfire smoke, BEARS BEARS BEARS, nuggets of gold, dinosaur bones, wide rivers, mars-like desert-scape, and terrifying speeding rigs barrelling down the highway behind us.

The van was awesome. It did tend to get cluttered up pretty fast,
but next time we take off we'll probably only pack half as much.

Sunny times outside Osoyoos where we watched the Canada Day fireworks from a hill overlooking the lake (the camera I was using for these pictures did not have sufficient capabitiles for capturing fireworks in the night sky, but they were crazy! The show went on for about 45 minutes!)

A little passenger ferry we took on our way from Nelson to Banff
And last for now, the truly amazing Rockies. One of the highlights of the trip was being able to explore this mountain range both on wheels and camping/hiking about.

Now these are only the first 3 or 4 days of the trip, once I figure how to get the pictures off the other memory card I'll do another post with more BISON and BEARS and FOXES oh my!

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