Update: Cape of Good Hope

It's that time of year again - we know you need a wool cape, lined with heavy satin. We can tell because we've been feeling it. The leaves are starting to turn a little golden, and I want something around my shoulders. Simultaneously, all of you have been pouring into our shop, asking when we would be making new designs of our classic Cape of Good Hope! We we've revived our most beloved fall garment, in four colours. Above, I'm wearing the Grey with Spruces.

The Wine coloured wool Trish once told me was the "juiciest" colour she'd seen, so obviously we had to print it with an Anatomical Heart. This one is striking, and sits in the point of the cape.

Next is the Indigo with Narwhals cape. The print is all-over, so no matter how you wear your cape (and there are many ways, trust me) you can see your pod of narwhals!

And lastly, for our canon - the beloved Periodic Table. It's printed on a crisp black wool, so you look knowledgeable, fashionable, and fun. You can order these online, or come try them on at either of our shops, Main Street in Vancouver or Government Street in Victoria.

All the best, and stay warm,


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