Upcoming Victoria Events: Rifflandia

This September, Rifflandia will hold it's 5th annual music festival in Victoria. It has been growing in size (number of venues, band status and audience participation) over the years - yay Victoria! This year is sure to be another cumulative success, with the Flaming Lips as the headlining band! Rifflandia has been producing TV episodes this year, each with a different theme--episode four is Fashion! As one of the (proud!) sponsors of the festival, Smoking Lily garments are featured in this fun video. Check out our Garden State dress with Corn and Men's Tee with Sugar Skull appearing at 2:29. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FBP_X4Hs-s&feature=player_embedded We're looking forward to participating in the event and will keep you posted, as to specifics, closer to the date. Lips! glenda.

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