Trainrex Jewelry: Introduction

trainrex-jewelry-1 Ariel Boulet creates intriguing earrings from paper and resin for her Trainrex line.They are really bold and really light, an excellent combination. The earrings are attention grabbing, but they don't weighyoudown at all. trainrex-jewelry-2 Ariel has a great eye for images, and sources them from all over the place: maps, magazines, prints, etc. Some earrings havedouble sided images, while on othersthe backs are "just" gold leafed. They allrequire a closer look. trainrex-jewelry-6 There are drop earrings, as above, and studs, as shown below. trainrex-jewelry-3 trainrex-jewelry-5 All Trainrex earrings are made in Vancouver, one-of-a-kind, and $34 a pair. I recently ran through ourseven question Q&A with Ariel. I'll post that for you next week! For now, I think I need those filmstrip drops... glenda.

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