The Student's Last Day

My last work experience day at Smoking Lilywas such a fun day. Lucky for me, a photo shoot for the spring collection was happening at the studio, so I got the chance to help! I met Glenda, the manager of the Vancouver shop, who was the photographer for the afternoon and is so great. Shes also in charge of looking at all of my blogs, as well as many other things. We did some really cool lifestyle shots on the roof of the studio. Itwasinteresting to see all of the pieces of garbage and bird skeletons hanging out up there, it definitely added to the experience. I learned how to use areflector toadd light to themodel's face. I also got to be the stand-in model tohelp Glenda with potential shooting areas while Terri-Lynn got changed intothe next outfit. It was so much fun! Ive always loved watching photo shoots on TV and, of course, its even better in person. Lindsay's-Last-Day---Photoshoot To end the afternoon Trish and I did my final evaluation and then I said goodbye to everyone in the studio. I can't express how amazing this work experience was. Being able to share it on the blog made it even better! I really hope that you all enjoyed these blog posts, and that one day I'll enjoy a job as much as I enjoyed my work experience with Smoking Lily. It was such an inspiration. Take care, Lindsay  

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