The Milkman's Daughter Update: Anthology

It is a pretty grey and dismal day here in Victoria. It is a major cutting day at the studio...the stereo keeps insisting on playing bad country music and my cutting buddy (Rachael) is off today so it's a little less vibrant in general here. Korinne came by just in the nick of time with the latest issue of Anthology and the day has turned around... thanks, Korinne. I did a pretty quick flip through the "Music Issue". I put that in quotes as my first thoughts were that it looks there is like a recipe or two I might want to try, and there's some awesome wallpaper, plus a few good ideas for organizing my kitchen cupboards...some studio envy. Flipped through some more and found an article about Amy and Liz's house in Austin. [caption id="attachment_10952" align="aligncenter" caption="The gorgeous sign to the Hotel St. Cecilia"][/caption]

Amy and Liz are the folks behind Hotel Cecilia , where my boyfriend and I stayed the last time we were in Austin. It quickly became my all time favourite hotel.

Late nights in the pool with champagne.
The St. Cecilia is named for the patron saint of music and poetry, but taken in a decidedly rock and roll direction. The owners were inspired by a photo of Mick Jagger standing beside a Bentley parked in front of a Victorian Mansion. As such, the St. Cecilia is in an 1880's mansion and pulls its share of high profile guests. Every room is beautifully and uniquely designed and comes with turntable (you can borrow LPs from the lobby). We had some good times dancing around the living room. As you may have guessed from my side tracking, you can lose yourself in the photos of this months issue of Anthology. There are amazing spaces portraying styles from nouveau hillbilly chic to chaotic minimalist. Yes, I just made those up, but have a look and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Try not to be too jealous of the beautiful hipsters living in their beautiful spaces (not an easy thing to do). Cheers, Trish

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