The Magical Quest for the Perfect Bag

The rain was falling and the sky was dark on a cold January morning in Victoria. In the Smoking Lily studio, however it, was HOT, hot with desire for the ultimate purse. Earlier in the week we had received a note via messenger pigeon from a certain Julie, asking for a bag that she could not find, a bag that did not exist, a bag she could only dream of. All morning Nicole sat at her sewing machine, fabric, ruler, and zippers in hand. She was feverishly pondering the structure and dimensions that Julie had asked for:
1. Size--large enough to fit a normal girl's lunch (who uses tupperware not plastic wrap) and maybe a book and craft project and water bottle perhaps? Just needs to be large.

2. Zipper closure--so that when it tips over in the car during a sudden stop not everything spills out

3. Secure External pockets (2)--one to slip in keys and one for a wallet so that you always know where they are and you don't have to rummage around inside the purse to fish them out. Secure--like with a zipper or snap button so there's no chance of you losing keys or wallet, but not with velcro (which can wear out)--yes.... I've thought about this for a ridiculously long time

4. Strap length--must allow the option of wearing messenger style

5. A few internal compartments--I'm flexible here--my purse usually ends up in a chaotic mess no matter how many internal compartments there are

6. Leather would be nice, but fabric is fine too.

7. Here's the difficult part--a fun, slouchy shape! I was in school for a ridiculously long period of time, and although I do love the messenger bag, that's all I carried while in school, and now that I'm working, I would love something a little...well... less messenger-like. But...if messenger is the only way to make this bag, so be it.

If there is anything to add to Julie's list please let us know so we can complete our epic journey towards the perfect bag.

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