The Date Dress Update

Promise me you won't panic.

We made a Red Date Dress, with our large Peony print. It's dreamy. It's the red dress you've been yearning for. It's got pockets, again. Always. Perfect for a first date, for a fiftieth date, for a honeymoon, etc.

In other news, we still have a few  of the Blue Date Dress left in our shops. If you are interested just let me know and I will track one down for you (, or head on down to either our shop on Government Street in Victoria or on Main Street Vancouver.


p.s. and not to start rumours, but I hear the colour Plum is on the way. There will be sleeves.




  • Morgan

    Does this come in a larger size, like the journey dress? ?

  • Kealey

    I love the date dress version with short sleeves and pockets, and NO zipper!
    I also love, and miss, the Clara dress ?

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