The Buckette Bag - Practical and Pretty

The Buckette Bag is one of my favourites pieces in store this season. Not only does it come in a lovely dove grey (as well as paprika if you like warm earth tones), but it's just the right size to carry everything I need on an average day: keys, wallet, Sony DSLR, lipstick, and an avacado. (I always have an avacado on hand--y'know just in case). Today I've paired it with a little black dress and the Simple Tee in dreamy periwinkle with peony print. I usually sport a pair of combat boots or Oxfords, but today I took a page from Glenda's book, the queen of high heels, and went all out with chunky platforms sandals. It all comes together with a bit of a 90's throwback vibe, an aesthetic I'm seeing more frequently not just on Main street, but on the runway as well. Buckette Bag xo Celine

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