The Best Wallet

Trish's favourite wallet is a Smoking Lily one from quite a few years ago. It's an open pouch style which she finds works really well for her. I too like uncompartmentalized wallets. I'm currently using the Naomi from last season as my everyday wallet (I use a miriad of different wallets for evenings out). Recently, Trish realized that her current wallet would be the BEST wallet if it had a wrist strap. So, she hauled out the old pattern, added a strap, and some new prints, and viola! The Best Wallet was born. Best-Wallet-Grey-Arrows The secret to one pouch wallets is not collecting too many cards. That, and regular cleaning. If you pull out your receipts once a week, you've got loads of room and can find everything really easily. I find it's great motivation for being efficient and organized (in one corner of my purse, at least). Best-Wallet-Green-with-Woods The Best Wallet, assorted leathers, assorted prints, 7" x 5", $56. Best Wallets in Progress Current availability: grey with Arrows, green with Into The Woods, grey with Lightbulbs, brown with Houses, caramel with Thyme. glenda.

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