Thai Pants

Yes! Due to overwhelming popular demand--and just in time for summer--we are bringing back our Thai Pants! A solid Smoking Lily classic, we've been making our Thai Pants(off and on) for ten years. As many of you know, we have said a few times "This is the last run! We will not be making them again," with the inevitable outcome being that we succumb to your wishes and make another round.This time we are making them from a summer-weight cotton/linen blend in black. The waistband lining will be a pretty Japanese cotton. Rachael loves them. She says they're a little addictive because they are so comfortable and loose. She also says they are perfect for traveling. We will be making the Thai pants in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. To make sure you get your pair from this run we are offering 15% off on pre-orders. To pre-order, send an email to mailorder@smokinglily.comby Sunday, June 10th. -Rose

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