Talented People Like Us

I was sitting on the couch last night watching the Rick Mercer Report when, imagine my surprise!, I catch a very good glimpse of our Emilina Jumper. On T.V.! Neat-O!!

Rick was busy visiting The Vancouver Circus School in New West with local writer Ryan Knighton, this being highly entertaining since Mr. Mercer is insanely uncoordinated and Mr. Knighton is blind. At any rate, around the four minute mark in the video there is a brief shot of a very cute little girl bouncing around in distinctively Lily-esque duds. I'm pretty sure the little girl in question is Mr. Knighton's own, my suspicions heightened by the fact he is a not-infrequent patron of the shop in Vancouver (oh, cheap thrills!), as well as by the above photo of her in our Tiny Dancer dress on the CBC website. And now the plot thickens, because little Miss Knighton is not only a smashing Smoking Lily model, but the inspiration for his latest book, C'mon, Papa: Dispatches from a Dad in the Dark. Trish, who was very kindly sent a copy of said novel by Ms. Knighton, has informed me that it is a fantastically well written, hilarious tale which she is constantly recommending to people.

....And thus concludes the I-saw-it-on-t.v.-Smoking-Lily-no-degrees-of-separation game. Phew!

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