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International Women's Day: Women in Print

99% of the time I am super happy to be a woman. Yesterday morning a hormonal bout of irrational anger challenged that notion, but then I talked to other women and I settled down. Once again, I felt fortunate with my lot in life, especiallysince I live in an era and part of the world where women are afforded the freedoms and opportunities that they deserve. Here, at Smoking Lily, we have chosen a few images of particularly interesting women to grace our wares: Cougar Annie, Frida Kahlo,Queen Elizabeth, Queen Henrietta,and Mary. Most grew up in very dispirit locations and stations in life, but all have been strong women in their own right.   Happy International Women's Day! glenda.  ...

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Creating the Wall

We created the gorgeous wallpaper wall at Milkman's Daughter the same way we do everything at Smoking Lily: by hand. After the inspiration phase, we started by drawing our images. This is Trish, our boss lady, looking through the drawings, doing touch ups, and finalizing her concepts. Next, Liz coated the screens with photo emulsion (above photo). She then exposed them to light, which burns the image onto the screen (image below). This magical process creates a negative image (pictured below). We then silk-screened the images into a pattern on paper... ...and voila! Inspiration has lined the shop. Want to learn the silk-screening process from the masters? We are offering our next silk-screening class starting March 6th. The class dates...

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Vancouver Update: Meet Frida!

Some beautiful new things hit the shop last Friday--so exciting! (Even if the weather is not cöoperating. Humf.) Made from a gorgeous navy gingham, the Frida Dress (named for the lovely and fierce Ms. Frida Kahlo, of course) comes in two sizes, works with or without a belt, and--best of all--has pockets! I love the new screens, too; the new "Square Dash Square" print works so perfectly around the arms, I'd say it might just quietly steal the show from the very handsome "Mr. Fancypants." ($108) The Frida Top ($72) has a sweet lace tie at the waist that can be worn at the front... ...or at the back. (So far Glenda and I have been liking how it hangs...

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