Ta Da! The Lilibet Skirt!

Thank you to everyone who responded so promptly and with so many great name suggestions to our Skirt Naming Contest! We read and pondered and laughed and were enlightened. You didn't make it easy for us, but we had to make a final decision and so -- Kirsten's suggestion of "Lilibet" it is. We were drawn to a couple of comments mentioning the Queen's Diamond Jubiliee as we are making shop displays to celebrate her 60th anniversary. Kirsten filled us in that the Queen's childhood nickname was "Lilibet". We agreed that it was an endearing name and it rose to the top of the pile as we narrowed down the awesome list to the best of the best. Turns out it was on the very day of her anniversary that we were looking over all the names. Trish also pointed out that it make her think "Lily I Bet"-- fun. So Kirsten, thanks for naming our skirt! We will be in contact with you forthwith to get your Lilibet Skirt to you pronto.   Thanks again to all the participants! You have our heads swimming with fun names! glenda.

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