Wow, this week week has flown by! I didn't realize until this afternoon that it is Friday today, but now that I'm in the loop I am so excited. It has been busy around the studio. We started a run of our good old Bike Bags, they should be ready to hit the shops next Wednesday. I just printed the nightgowns that Nicole blogged about yesterday. They now have Maple Pods and Greyhounds on them. We have started to print our 2012 Calendar Tea Towels. We received teal and grey leather in for Good Wallets and Liz is printing them as I type. New baby onsies were printed earlier and cranberry men's tees arrived yesterday. Harmony finished sewing the first run of military green hemp Garden State dresses, which have been printed with Flies and Queen Anne's Lace, pretty and a bit weird. So a lot of new stuff is on it's way to you. Now, drum roll please....a few of my favourite cat videos (I love cat videos!). Trish http://youtu.be/aP3gzee1cps http://youtu.be/Vw4KVoEVcr0 http://youtu.be/7ltcWcwnPfY

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