Successful Logging Sequence

Here's a sequence thatseemed to work on my recentcamping/logging trip: 1. Get out to the country. In this case we (myself, my boyfriendand two pro-camping friends) blasted up the Coquihalla Highway to the summit, turned off onto a dirt road (blurry photo from the passenger seat) and pitched camp in a picturesque B.C. alpine forest. Logging-1 2. Point out already felled trees to the boys. "Check this out boys! Easy pickings!" Logging-4 3. Reticently eye up the trees that the boys won't stop pointing out. "Those ones will be easy to cut down! Let's go get those!" Logging-5 4. Let the boys embrace their inner mountain man, bushwhack into the forest, andcut down a (dead) tree or two. Logging-2 5. Scramble up the hilland watchthem buck up the trees in the bush. Logging 6 6. Show them the easy pickings again. Logging-7 7. Withhold the "I told you so" and take lots of photos of them exerting their manly skills on easier terrain. Logging 8 Logging-9 8. And dumb photos of your boyfriend chainsawing the shadow of your head off. (Above and below shots accidentally taken withan underwater setting - kinda good/weird colour.) Logging-11 9. Breath a sigh of relief at the amount of wood you are going to have for the winter, and for the brute strength of the mountain men you are hanging out with. (We hauled out four full truck loads!) Logging 10 Oh, and 10. Have lots of cold beer on hand at the end of the day. Boysget really thirsty when they are embracingtheir inner logger! Have fun preparing for winter! glenda.

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