Studio Update: Wool Tote Bag

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" caption="The tote double snapped."]
The fabulous tote unsnapped.

It is Thursday,so it is studio update time. I feel like we have been updating all week but we have more fabulousness coming. Everyone at the studio has been running at full speed these last few weeks. We've had some people leave the studio, moving onward and upward. Renee got a full time job curatingart shows for city galleries (pretty sweet!) and Jo-anne moved to the Sunshine Coast to head production for an other design house. We miss them both around here and wish them all the best in their new jobs. Harmony just returned from here two week vacation to Iceland, she saw Bjork perform!

Today we are showing off our sample tote bag. I love it. It can be used several ways: un-snapped it is a huge over-sized shopping bag, snapped up it is a big should bag. An added bonus is that the straps are long enough that you can wear the bag as a back pack. Makes for easy shopping with your bicycle. Oh yeah, it is made with beautiful grey felted wool! Cheers, Trish  

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