Studio Update: The 113 is back. Kinda.

Okay, don't freak out. It's okay. Breathe. Calm. Phew.

Yes, so the most amazing coat that we've ever made is back for a limited time. Well maybe it's the most amazing. Everything here is really truly quite amazing. No one is actually counting. I don't think. Some people might be?

The 113 was known for its slimming line, cool pockets, high collar and all over print. The new version The 114 (Ooooooer, we're original eh?) is made of a more cold weather appropriate thick cashmere wool, has exterior patch pockets with leather flap. You can access these babies from two different angles. Yeah, dual pocket action. Keep your stuff up top and your hands down below! The collar and cuffs are silk screened for your pleasure, and for sitting comfort we've included a two way zipper.

Please laugh at us below as we model for you this lovely new garment.

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